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Giving people erotic daydreams since 2003.

Now That's Dirty!
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Welcome to allporn!

The Kingdom of Allporn is definitely an interesting place to be. It's filled and inhabited by a wide variety of people who engage in a wide variety of activities.

To make a long story short, this is a picture/media exchange community. If you join, you have to post, and post regularly with whatever types of material you have. Not that we don't mind lurkers, but this is an exchange and we're all just trying to have a nice time.

- I'm keeping roll call open right now, but I will close the community after a specified amount of time, say. 30 days.

- Just for ethics sake, Be over the age of 18. I will check periodically, but if I know you're not 18+, I will boot you. I don't care if you have 3 gigabytes of really hot stuff.

- Friends-only all your posts. The perks of being a member, and so that the average lurker can't steal, or someone underage can't read. All posts are being set friends-only by default.

- LJ-CUT. Just to help with the traffic, please use your best judgment here. post 1 teaser photo, lj-cut. Long erotic story? first paragraph, LJ-cut. Quite a few of us don't have the luxury of broadband. Don't know how to use the LJ-Cut tag? Click on the link. [link]

- Feel free to post whatever you like. Pictures, videos, stories, etc. They can be about fantasies, pics of yourself you'd like to share. This is a community exchange. However, No quizzes, no surveys, no memes of any kind.

- Nothing illegal. I don't care if you think horse-fucking and getting a scat mask is funny stuff, 8 year olds are sexy, etc. none of that here, or any type of illegal porn will be posted. We don't want or feel the need to get shut down.

- No abusive or negative comments. I will remove you if you do so, I don't care. If you don't like something, just keep moving on.

- Unauthorized Media. This is a touchy subject. I can't obviously prove that something isn't yours unless I know you, or that you're stealing photos/vids from someone else, so please, be an adult, don't be an idiot. If it's not yours, get permission, and/or credit where you can.

Moderators will be appointed eventually.

Please spread the word, and we could use a community icon and a nice design, as well as some other things. If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to contact koapthesql by any means necessary.

This community is the brainchild of koapthesql.